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Sidewalk cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA.

About Our Street Cleaning Company in Philadelphia, PA

Our street cleaning company in Philadelphia, PA, has more than a decade of experience. Street Helpers LLC is all about building pride and satisfaction in communities like the one our founder comes from. As a lifelong resident of Philadelphia, Owner/Operator Gerald Barrow knows what it's like to live somewhere that needs a little love and care. His vision for a city-wide community of safe, debris-free neighborhoods inspires us to bring the very best street cleaning service to each and every client.

From the bottom of your steps to the asphalt outside, we operate with professional efficiency to rid your area of trash, dead animals, and dangerous debris. Whether you're tired of messes left over by local pets or want to avoid an unnecessary flat tire on your way to work, we can help. Give us a call for our sidewalk cleaning services, and see why so many customers trust us to keep their communities looking their best.