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Residential street cleaning in Philadelphia, PA.

Comprehensive Street Cleaning Services in Philadelphia, PA

Neighborhood clean-up in Philadelphia, PA.

In today's busy world of constant commutes, it's harder than ever to keep streets free from debris. You shouldn't have to worry about broken glass, nails, or worse when your children spend time outside. That's where Street Helpers LLC comes in. We offer an expansive selection of street cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA, for neighborhoods, school blocks, and more.

Our options include:
  • Debris Removal
  • Trash Packing/Prep for Pick-Up
  • Lot Cleaning Services
  • Feces and Dead Animal Clearing

We use push brooms and leaf blowers to ensure complete neighborhood cleanup for entire blocks, and even handle small yard jobs. With us on your side, you can boost neighborhood morale, encourage community-cleaning efforts, and make your area a more attractive place for local residents and investors. See the difference thorough debris removal and cleaning can make by scheduling with us now.

Junk Removal

One important but often overlooked aspect of street cleaning is junk removal. Count on Street Helpers LLC to assist with Philadelphia block cleanup operations. We know how important it is to have safe, debris-free neighborhoods and our street cleaners go the extra mile to make sure garbage and dangerous clutter is removed and discarded properly.

Street Helpers LLC is the street cleaning company you can always trust to make your property and surrounding areas look more presentable. Contact us about your junk removal needs and schedule a time for our street cleaning services to come to your aid.

Helping the Environment 

Street Helpers LLC not only works to make your Philadelphia neighborhood neat, tidy, and attractive, we also protect the environment by removing debris from gutters and roadsides that could quickly end up in storm drains, causing water pollution and chemical leaching.

Frequent Cleaning

Frequent street cleaning services and junk removal will always result in neighborhoods that are pleasant to live or work in. Nobody wants to live in a dirty neighborhood, and the street cleaners at Street Helpers LLC will make sure your property is a source of pride for you and an inspiration to those who pass by or stop in.